Friday, 18 April 2014


By MacPherson Mukuka
Tuesday, April 15th 2014, will forever be the happiest moment in the life of 71 year old Elizabeth Tembo a widow of Linda Compound. For it was the day when First republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Patron of Habitat for Humanity Zambia laid a brick on the house Mrs.Tembo is yet to own.

The house which has been made possible by Zamtel and Habitat for humanity Zambia under the umbrella KK 90 the birthday build is been built at a cost of approximately 30 thousand kwacha, will replace the old and dilapidated dwelling where Mrs.Mrs. Tembo is currently living with her grandchildren.

The seemingly overjoyed widow could not hold her happiness as she praised Dr. Kaunda for having visited her and build a house for the family.

She said her late husband was top chairperson in the UNIP party where Dr. Kaunda was President. The husband died over 20 years ago.

And speaking before the Build, Dr Kaunda said his association with Habitat for Humanity Zambia extends as far back as the early 2000s at the Jimmy carter work project in South Africa.

He said he had learnt a lot from the carter project and thought of bringing the idea back home and that is how he started the Habitat project in Lusaka Matero area near the Independence stadium.

Meanwhile, Habitat for Humanity Zambia Board chairperson Douglas Katengo says Dr. Kaunda’s passion for the poor people encouraged the Zambia people to join the ambitious effort to house 93 families.

Mr. Katengo added that it was the will of Dr. Kaunda that made it possible for the organisation to be where it is today.

And newly installed deputy Mayor of Lusaka Portiphar Tembo says the local authority concern lies with the community members who are living in poor shelter and limited services.

Providing a house goes beyond the walls, roof or door. It is a life time investment to the future of the members of the household as it provides them with security, improves their health, livelihood, education and self-wellbeing

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