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HIV/AIDS is one of the moist notable diseases that have robbed the world of its economy because of the many valuable lives that it has claimed.

However, there is another disease that does directly affect the health of human being or their physical state, but makes a person weak in mind, it weakens the financial power of one sector and benefits the other.

Most people who suffer from this particular disease have ended up having difficulties to go through right channels of earning income other than through bribes.
The Disease is called Corruption.

Corruption has swept through even the most respected offices of the world living no stones unturned.  It has even dared to sweep through the judicially.

In Zambia, corruption is a major concern to most sections of society and has therefore prompted some organisations to use all means possible to fight it.

On Tuesday, the Judicial Integrity Committee, the transparency international Zambia and other stakeholders launched the Local Court Service Chatter, a handbook aimed at promoting transparency and integrity in local court operations.

Speaking during the launch, Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda says the existence of corruption in the judicially is a matter of reality.

She said it is not a concealed fact that there some officers in the system painting a bad picture of the judicially.

Ms. Chibesakunda adds that the local courts which to most litigants are the face of the judicially have been a source of concern to the organ.

Meanwhile, Transparency international Zambia Vice President Kalungu Sampa has observed that 60 percent of Zambians believe the judicial system does not inspire confidence in Zambians.

Mr. Sampa says Service chatters are a requisite in the national anti corruption commission policy and it’s implementations.

It is hoped that the information provided in the handbook will help fight corruption in the local courts in ZAMBIA.

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