Thursday, 27 November 2014


By MacPherson Mukuka

Zambia’s commerce and trade Industry is unquestionably headed for massive growth in the next years if all the local and foreign companies succeed in setting up their investment in various parts of the country.

The United Kingdom has is already putting up plans to bring its business men and women into the country to set base of their respective companies.

British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton says Zambia is among the many ideal business destinations for the UK because of its favorable economic and political environment…

Mr. Thornton said this during the 2nd UK trade Mission business meeting held on Thursday 13th November, 2014 in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Government has welcomed the plans by the British Government to set up the British Chamber of commerce in Zambia.

Commerce, trade and Industry Minister Robert Sichinga say there is need for more foreign business houses to set base in Zambia.

Mr. Sichinga was however quick to mention that Government is putting much emphasis on value addition as it is a critical component for employment creation.

Mr. Sichinga further indicated that Zambia has enough land that requires to be invested on by way of setting up huge industries such as the Multi facility economic zones.

Meanwhile UK trade and Investment Director of Investment projects Ajay Desai said Zambia has proved to be a stable nation for investment by UK companies.

The commerce industry in Zambia has steadily grown over the years; however, one particular component that has been more of a hindrance to an excessive growth is the exportation of raw materials.

It is probably the reason why government is insisting in value addition as a way of improving the revenue base for the country.

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