Thursday, 1 October 2015


By MacPherson Mukuka

Provision of adequate and safe drinking water and sanitation in some parts of Lusaka still remains a challenge.
In Mandevu constituency, for instance, people still fetch water from shallow wells, and if they are to have the clean water, they have to walk long distances.

But the bucket- on -head business will soon come to an end as government and its stakeholders have moved in and has commissioned a 2 Million Kwacha Kabanana water supply project in Mandevu constituency.

The residents in the area are happy with the development. Those spoken expressed delight that the problem which was once a major hindrance to progression has been resolved.

“I am very happy as a resident of this township, we really faced challenges of water here, but now the coming of this project… will go a long way.” Said a Mr. Kasonde

Another one spoken to, a woman, said her days will now be spent in a meaningful manner because she won’t be spending all the time walking long distances to look for water.

"even water bone-diseases won’t be breaking out, because we have clean water now.” She said
And Mandevu area Member of Parliament JEAN KAPATA says Government is working hard to improve water infrastructure in some parts of Lusaka.

She has disclosed that government will soon embark on the construction of a new treatment plant in Kafue at a cost of 1 Hundred and 50 Million United States Dollars.

The law maker noted that Lusaka is currently facing water challenges arising from demand being higher due than production capacity.

She said the current water demand stands at 420 Million liters per day, but only 258 million liters is pumped to the city.

Ms. Kapata has indicated that once completed, together with a new water line to covering a stretch of 65 Kilometers from Kafue into Lusaka, the treatment plant will have the capacity to treat about 50 million liters of water per day.

And project Funders, Devolution trust Fund, DTF Manager SAMUEL GONGA says his Organisation attaches great importance to uplifting people’s lives.

“Financing the project will help alleviate of water the community is facing.” He said
Mr. Gonga added that Zambia is among the African countries that are fast becoming urbanized due to an increase in housing projects.

He noted that notwithstanding the developments, low income areas such as Kabanana are not serviced, while they are the ones characterized by high population densities.

Meanwhile, Lusaka water and Sewerage Company Managing Director GEORGE NDONGWE said the utility firm remains committed to ensuring that the people of Kabanana have access to safe and adequate water.

Conservation of Water, in this era of climate change should be a core principal of every beneficiary of the water and sanitation services being provided by the mandated authorities.

It will therefore be important for the people of Kabanana to guard the facilities with care if it is to stand the test of time.

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