Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Zambia’s future of getting to zero new HIV infection is possible- Lusaka DC

By *MacPherson Mukuka in Lusaka- World AIDS day*

Lusaka District Commissioner DAVISON MULENGA says Zambia’s future of getting to zero new HIV infection is possible if all gets involved in high level prevention intervention such as HIV counseling and testing, male circumcision among other interventions.

Captain MULENGA says members of faith based organisations should be encouraged to access treatment being provided by government to every eligible person living with HIV in the District.

Speaking during an interdenominational Candle Lighting Ceremony on the eve of World AIDS Day held at Mtendere’s United Church of Zambia Saint John’s Congregation, Captain MULENGA says he does not expect anyone to die in the district because of not having access to HIV treatment.

Meanwhile, Captain MULENGA has advised the clergy to desist from telling their infected members to stop taking ARVs without verifying the patient’s status. 

He has further called on the church to bring to an end stigma and discrimination in saying that Love is what should be preached when one has been found to be HIV positive.

He says Church leaders must lead by example by embracing infected persons in their fold and bring stigma and discrimination to zero.

Captain MULENGA says well reflecting on this year’s theme, there is need to remember the orphans, widows and vulnerable children because they are a serious source of concern.

He says the theme challenges everyone especially the church leaders to turn the commemoration from being a moment of remembrance to a moment of action so that every faith will mainstream HIV and AIDS programme in order to make Zambia free from the threat of HIV and AIDS as enshrined in the Vision 2030.

Meanwhile, United Church of Zambia clergyman, ROBERT GAMA says there is need to develop a positive attitude towards addressing the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

Reverend GAMA says people should reflect on whether they attitudes towards people living with HIV are building or destroying.

He says every problem comes with a solution and so people should endeavour to find solutions to HIV problems if the zero new infection is to be met.

He says working together in the fight against the pandemic is one way of finding a solution to the problem.

And the Bible Society of Zambia has called on the Church to continue working together in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Society’s Good Samaritan programme officer ESTHER KAYOMBO says the church has been instrumental in the fight against the virus.

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