Thursday, 28 April 2016


By MacPherson Mukuka in KATETE- *Eastern Province*

Health Deputy Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

GOVERNMENT has expressed sadness over the number of deaths  the Country has continued to record due to Malaria.
Health Deputy Minister of CHITALU CHILUFYA says Zambia has recorded an increment of Malaria incidences from 330/1000 cases in 2010 to 335/1000 cases in 2015.
Dr Chilufya however says that it is gratifying that Malaria deaths have reduced from 6,684 to 2,400 in the period 2010 t0 2015.

 He said this on the occasion of World Malaria Day in Katete district, Eastern Province.
Dr Chilufya further says that some districts are now achieving incidence rates below hundred which he says is encouraging.
He says the development calls for all Zambians to do more and employ innovative tools, if the country is to get to zero Malaria deaths .
He says the national Malaria elimination strategy highlights additional interventions that will be applied based on the evidence and diseases burden.
Dr Chilufya says this will mean that the unit of decision making in terms of intervention will be at the health facility catchment area.
He has added that Government wants to pinpoint and ensure that the component of contact tracing is enhanced even for malaria.
Dr Chilufya says the Patriotic Front Government has achieved a lot in the fight against Malaria under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu such as the establishment of dedicated budget line for procurement  of ant- Malaria commodities.
And World Health Organization Regional Director for Africa Jacob Mufunda says it is commendable that progress has been made in the cases of Malaria but Malaria remains a major public health and development challenge in Africa.
Dr Mufunda says more has to be done to achieve the vision of ending Malaria in the region which has been enhanced by the exciting global solidarity for a Malaria free world.  

 He said the sustainable Development Goals have enhanced further the fight against Malaria and end it by the year 2030.
Dr Mufunda says it is possible to have a Malaria free Africa through strong coordination and implementation of clear strategies and actions such as deployment of effective financing mechanism .
He has employed Countries to implement concrete mult-sectoral actions and allocate adequate resources to end Malaria.  

 Meanwhile, a traditional leader in Katete has thanked Government for an ensuring that health services closer to the people.
Chief M'bang'ombe was however quick to mention that the people in the area have for a long time been waiting for government open the health posts allocated to the district.
He says the delay to operationalize the health posts will hinder progress in combating malaria in the district.
Katete has been awarded as the best performing district in the country in the fight and elimination of the disease.

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