Wednesday, 22 June 2016


By MacPherson Mukuka in *Lusaka*


ZICTA Director Technical Services Mofya Chisala (r) talking to MTN Zambia CEO Charles Molapisi (l)

MTN Zambia has apologised to its customers over the concerns arising from the Sim registration and validation exercise the service provider has been conducting.

MTN Chief Executive Officer CHARLES MOLAPISI says the service has taken with great concern the complaints customers have raised over continued receipt of messages from the service provider giving an ultimatum to have the sim cards registered despite customers have registered  their cards.

Speaking in a briefing when ZICTA inspectors led by Director Technical services MOFYA CHISALA paid an impromptu visit at MTN offices in Lusaka on Wednesday , Mr. MOLAPISI said it is not the intention of his organisation to inconvenience its customers.

Mr. MOLAPISI says he will ensure the organisation reduces on the number of messages it sends to its customers.

He has however indicated that the sim registration and validation exercise is remains a critical component of the organisation saying that it is the only way customer details will be clear.

He says all customers in the data base are registered but the company wants to ensure it has correct details for every customer.

And ZICTA Director Technical Services, MOFYA CHISALA has demanded that the mobile service provider works on its gaps in the sim registration process and avoid sending messages to customers unnecessarily.

Mr. CHISALA says the telecommunication regulator has decided to act by visiting the service provider after a public outcry over MTN's tendency of sending messages which have been termed as nuisance.

He has urged MTN to openly tell ZICTA any technical challenges the organisation is facing in order for the two parties to chat the way forward.

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