Monday, 2 June 2014



Education has for long been regarded as a key to success. It has said that where people are educated, they can do anything developmental either as individuals or a group.

Government of the republic of Zambia has prioritized education just like health and Agriculture.
This can be cited by the practical commitment in infrastructure development across the country. The revision of the educational curriculum is also another commitment government has shown in the development of the education.

Education Minister John Phiri has embarked on a nationwide tour of various education infrastructure most of which are secondary and primary schools. The tour which started  in Luangwa district of Lusaka province has brought to the fore the many challenges teachers face in their quest to deliver quality services to the learners.

However government has stated that it will not relent regardless of the challenges. Speaking during one of the meeting with teachers from the Lusaka Central Zone, Dr. Phiri called on the teachers to take teaching a profession and not a career, and ensure they use what is available to educate the Zambian Child.

Dr. Phiri further advised the teachers to check their personal life and become examples to the learners.

The Minister however expressed disappointment at the poor results Lusaka produced in last year’s exams despite it having the cream of teachers. He described the performance as uncalled for,  for a province like Lusaka.

And Lusaka Province Educational Officer Kotati Ngosa urged the teachers to concentrate on developing the sector other than concentrating on extra curriculum activities such as inter school competitions which do not add much value to the academic performance f the learners.

From the information gathered while in the company of the Minister, it is evident that government is really committed to its promises of bettering the living standards of its people through education; communities through PTA have also shown commitment through their participation in the development of learning facilities such as construction of additional classrooms.

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