Monday, 2 June 2014

Zambia Celebrates International Cultural Diversity

By MacPherson Mukuka

Music was played, traditional drums and music where beaten and sung while the people from different walks of life danced and jubilated during the commemoration of the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development.

The United Nations adopted the day in 2002 after the 2001, September 11 twin tower attacks in the United States of America.

Zambia was not left out of the annually celebrated event; the Kabwata Cultural Village was the centre where the activities took place, and attracted hundreds of people, locals and those from overseas.

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata graced the event in the company of area member of parliament, Given Lubinda, her deputy Laurence Evans, Local government deputy Minister Nicholas Banda among others.

Ms Kapata said in her speech that the significance of the day is that it is a global call for every person to deepen their understanding of values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better by engaging with people around.

Mrs Kapata added that cultural dynamism may create a generation gap especially between young people and the old because of the way older people do certain things which young ones may perceive as outdated.

And director in the department of tourism and arts Victor Mukashi said the idea of the day is to recognise and respect the many cultures in the world.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Permanent secretary Wamunyima Muwana appealed to the Minister to make the cultural village return its beauty by holding events of such nature there.

And area Member of Parliament Given Lubinda pledged his office support to working with the Ministry of tourism to developing the cultural village.

The theme of the day was: do one thing for diversity and inclusion,” and to spice up the theme, food from Egypt, Nigeria and Zambia was on the table to sample.

Remember to do one thing for diversity and inclusion in all what you do.

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