Tuesday, 5 August 2014


By MacPherson Mukuka

In the early years of HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination were a common agenda in many places where an HIV positive living person was identified.

Victims of the deadly Virus became a laughing stock because of the manner in which the virus attacked them.

It is stigma and discrimination that to some extent contributed to some victims failing to cope with the situation, with a number of them dying of depression as they lived in denial.

The manner in which HIV/AIDS attacks its victims has a negative effect of the productivity levels as victims become weak.

It trying to support and promote employee wellness in all aspects, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock launched an HIV/AIDs and wellness policy a few weeks ago.

But as they say, unless it is implemented, a policy is just a document, in this regard, the breakfast show team caught up with Ministry of Agriculture HIV/AIDS focal point person Remy Chibiya at the ongoing 88th Agriculture and commercial, to find out on the way forward after the launch of the policy.

Mr. Chibiya explains that the committee will be training the some members of staff of how it wants the policy to be rolled out.

He adds that his fellow employees have welcomed the launch of the policy and are looking forward to seeing how it will be mainstreamed.

He further states that the committee will ensure that the people are sensitized and informed on the dangers of stigma and discrimination and that everyone is treated equally regardless of their status.

Mr. Chibiya stress out that his committee will take advantage of the Agriculture and commercial show to pass on the information to farmers through extension officers.

And one of the employees has expressed happiness at the launch of the policy saying that it will at least help a number of workers in the ministry to be aware of their health.

Some of the Programmes that are already taking shape in rolling out the policy are distribution of condoms at the workplace, and the current exhibition of information about HIV/AIDS and wellness programmes at their stand in the Show grounds.

We only hope that this campaign on HIV/AIDS and wellness in the Ministry of Agriculture will be a stepping stone for breaking new grounds.

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