Thursday, 21 May 2015

Government has finalized the development of the National policy on climate change- KAWANDAMI

By MacPherson Mukuka
The fluctuations in the weather pattern, the rains, the winter, summer and the death of natural vegetation are but a few impacts human activities have inflicted on the earth.

All this, has now resulted in what is termed as Climate Change, a global concern issue affecting every living organism.  

However, not all hope is lost in trying to reduce on the impacts; the Zambian Government is awake to this fact and doing all can to fight mitigates climate change impacts.

Lands Deputy Minister Susan Kawandami says Government has finalized the development of the National policy on climate change to provide a framework for coordinated response to climate change issues.

Ms. Kawandami said Climate Change has emerged as one of the most pressing issues in the country affecting socio economic development.

Speaking during the launch of the development of Zambia’s Intended Nationally determined contribution to the 2015 agreement on climate change, Ms. Kawandami said climate change presents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet that requires to be addressed urgently.

She said the initiatives been formulated are aimed at building the resilience of the Zambians Economy and the poor rural communities to the adverse effect of climate change and reduce emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.

Meanwhile, United Nations Development Programme Director Martin Maya has commended the Zambian Government for the efforts it is putting in to address climate change issues in the country.

Mr. Maya added that his Organisation remains and the United Nations remains committed to supporting Zambia’s efforts in addressing climate change issues.

And Wildlife and Environmental conservation Society of Zambia National Coordinator Patrick Shawa said despite not having a climate change policy, the society will support government in its efforts to address climate change issues.

Climate Change remains a major global concern issue affecting both socio and economic sectors, and if not addressed, the human race and other living organisms risks suffering due to its adverse effects.

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